ESP8266: NodeMCU V1.0 part created for Fritzing

Fritzing is a nice tool to quickly draw up your breadboard circuits. From there you can easily and for a competitive price order PCBs. But Fritzing is only fun when you have all the parts that you use in your project. For me the NodeMCU V1.0 that I recently acquired was missing. Since I always wanted to create a Fritzing part my self I sat down and made one and I will share it with you…

Fritzing Part for NodeMCU V1.0

Just head over to and download the .fzpz file and import it into your Fritzing.

If you don’t own one yet and if drawing is not enough for you, buy one at AliExpress.

Posted by squix78


  1. I use this and ordered pcb by seeed. When receiving i discovered that the holes are too small !!! 20 $ wasted.

  2. Hi,

    first of all, many thx for the fritzing part. But even me discovered AFTER ordering 3 PCBs that the holes are too small. Is there a way to fix this, since I was not able to find a way to Change the existing XML in order to contain bigger holes. Would be great if someone can make the holes bigger, maybe Medium 1mm would be enough.

  3. I cannot seem to find an “import” menu item in Fritzing. Also tried to drag it into Fritzing, nothing happened.

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