Alexa-Home, Node-Red and Docker

How do you add new virtual devices/commands in Node-Red so that Alexa can control them? There are great Node-Red extensions but things get more complicated if Node-Red is running in a docker container. In this blog post I share my take-aways from setting this up.

ESP32 Low Power Device Design – Part 1

The ESP32 is a remarkable chip. It has many peripherals, lots of processing power. With built-in WiFi und BLE support it offers two widely adopted communication protocols. And with the right circuitry and programming it can ran from batteries for a very long time. In …

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Anet N4 SLA Printer Review

Recently a new class of 3D printers has become affordable for hobbyists: several Stereo Lithography (SLA) printers are now available for prices below USD $600. These devices can produce prints with very different properties compared to the well know Fused Deposition Modeling printers (FDM). I’ve …

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Squix: The Exciting Next Step!

In the last few years has grown from a personal idea dumping ground to a well visited page around maker projects. Two years ago I started looking for a way to make it easier for you to rebuild my projects. The first step was to provide links …

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ESPaper: Configuration web interface

In the following video I explain the new web interface for configuring the ESPaper WeatherStation application. This allows you to change WiFi or location settings without reprogramming the ESPaper   The ESPaper Plus Kit is available from the Squix Shop  

ESP8266 PlaneSpotter Color

After many hours of work I’m very happy to finally publish all the sources for the ESP8266 PlaneSpotter project. It is not yet really in a V1.0.0 state but I’m sure with the help of the community it will quickly get better. While this post is …

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