D1 Mini NodeMcu Lua WIFI ESP8266 Development Board


D1 Mini NodeMcu Lua WIFI ESP8266 Development Board

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ESP32 Development Board WiFi+Bluetooth Ultra-Low Power Consumption Dual Cores ESP-32 ESP-32S Board
Integrated antenna and RF balun, power amplifier, low-noise amplifiers, filters, and power management module. The entire solution takes up the least amount of printed circuit board area. This board is used with 2.4 GHz dual-mode Wi-Fi and Bluetooth chips by TSMC 40nm low power technology, power and RF properties best, which is safe, reliable, and scalable to a variety of applications.

D1 Mini NodeMcu Lua WIFI ESP8266 Development Board


The D1 mini is a mini wifi board based on ESP-8266EX.
11 digital input/output pins, all pins have interrupt/pwm/I2C/one-wire supported(except D0)
1 analog input (3.3V max input)
A Micro USB connection

Package included:

1 x D1 Mini
2 x Lange Weibliche Pins
2 x Kurze Weibliche Pins

2 x Normal Pins

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