About This Shop

What started as a little experiment of mine became a bigger success than I ever hoped for. In the last few months I shipped Weather Station Kits to more than 20 countries and to an even bigger number of happy customers! While most of the kits went to Europe and North America I could also successfully deliver items to Australia, South Korea and India! Wherever you come from I will be happy to ship one of my items to you as well! While I live in Switzerland the items will be shipped directly to you from China. Read more about shipping and delivery

Weather Station Shipped to more than 20 countries and over 150 different cities!

Do you like this post? A typical project like the ESP8266 Weather Station takes many hours of my free time to implement and even more to maintain. Maybe you feel like offering me a beer for it? Modern technology allows teleportation of beers around the world;-) It is easy and painless and much appreciated.