Finally: Support Forum

It was about time that I would offer you a better way to ask me questions than post comments and a contact form on the About page. Thanks to the nude of one reader I finally picked a forum software and set it up. 

IoTCon in Munich: Impressions from Day 2

In my last post I shared my impressions from the first day of the Internet-of-Things conference in Munich. Here is the write-up of day 2 which covers a low-cost smart home, Docker for Internet-of-Things running on ARM (Raspberry Pi’s), introduction to Web Bluetooth and a comparison …

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IoTCon in Munich: Impressions from Day 1

Munich is always worth a trip and you can get there from Zurich easily by train or coach. This time my employer Netcetera let me visit the Internet-of-Things conference to scout what is going on in the IoT field in Germany (and elsewhere). Here are …

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