ESP8266: a good power supply is essential

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While playing with the ESP8266-ESP01 board I had a lot of problems with random reboots. I had used the 3.3V power supply of my Seeeduino and apparently it could deliver enough power and forced the board to reboot. After a while I ordered one of these dedicated power supplies on Aliexpress:
Breadboard Power Supply Module 3.3V/5V and: tadaa! Now the board works excellent. The power supply is also very nice since it perfectly fits the breadboard and feeds the power rails and both sides of the bread board. You can choose which voltage you need for both of the two rails (3.3V or 5V) and there is even a on/off switch. In addition you’ll need a power supply which delivers between 6.5-12V DC and has a barrel connector. The power supply board even has a USB plug so you can power a Arduino or similar device

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  1. I believe not since it is a type A and not type B like in Arduino.
    You can also get power from the yellow 8 pins header.

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