CH9102 Serial-To-USB Driver for Mac OS X

Recently more and more ESP32 hardware is appearing with the WCH CH9102 Serial-To-USB chip. I assume lower costs and higher availability are the reason for this. Lower costs compared to FTDI chips, to the Silicon Labs CP2102 or CP2104. But when I recently started working …

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Alexa-Home, Node-Red and Docker

How do you add new virtual devices/commands in Node-Red so that Alexa can control them? There are great Node-Red extensions but things get more complicated if Node-Red is running in a docker container. In this blog post I share my take-aways from setting this up.

ESP32 Low Power Device Design – Part 1

The ESP32 is a remarkable chip. It has many peripherals, lots of processing power. With built-in WiFi und BLE support it offers two widely adopted communication protocols. And with the right circuitry and programming it can ran from batteries for a very long time. In …

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