Alexa-Home, Node-Red and Docker

How do you add new virtual devices/commands in Node-Red so that Alexa can control them? There are great Node-Red extensions but things get more complicated if Node-Red is running in a docker container. In this blog post I share my take-aways from setting this up.

First Steps with the LinkIt 7697

The LinkIt 7697 is a development board equipped with the MT7697 from MediaTek and at first glance it looks a bit like a twin of the ESP32. It comes with Bluetooth Low Energy, has a WiFi module and plenty of RAM (compared to the ESP8266) …

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Kids Watch Review

Usually you read about electronic components and how to use them on this blog. Often they are related to Internet-Of-Things (IoT). This post on the other hand is about an end user product. But you could also call it an IoT component. It is about …

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