ESP8266: 3D printed case for the weather station project

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You just got to love open source! Some guys wrote a firmware for an exciting little chip (ESP8266), based on an open sourced SDK: the NodeMCU lua firmware was born. Then another guy (me;-)) writes a little LUA program to fetch weather data from an open API and displays the data on a OLED display. Then yet another guy (smiley77) creates a wonderful case for the project and makes it available as well:

Open source is nurture for creativity!
smiley77’s 3D printer project, built around my ESP8266 Lua
code (cube on the right)

Update: The WeatherStation Kit!

Order all components needed for the WeatherStation in one Kit. The WeatherStation Kit is now available at the shop:
By the WeatherStation Kit in the shop!

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