Turn on/off USB Power on TL-MR3020 running OpenWrt to restart Arduino

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In a later blog post I will describe how I am using a TL-MR3020 router as low-cost wifi shield for my Arduino to transmit sensor data over wifi. In this post I just want to show how you can script a restart of the arduino by powering off the USB port that the Arduino is connected to. In need this because sometimes the arduino does not send anymore data to the ttyUSB0 device. So as a workaround I’m restarting the Arduino from time to time by cron job.

echo 0 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio8/value
echo 1 > /sys/class/gpio/gpio8/value
echo "$(date)" >> /tmp/restart.log

Posted by squix78


  1. Hi Dani,
    My matrixes arrived yesterday and I've been playing with them on an Arduino just to make sure I built them properly. Everything checks out.
    Now I'm trying to move to the ESP and I'm having compile problems.
    I tried Arduino 1.6.4 and I get these errors (I hope they'll copy in here…)

    Arduino: 1.6.4 (Windows 8.1), Board: "Generic ESP8266 Module, 80 MHz, 115200, 512K (64K SPIFFS)"

    Build options changed, rebuilding all

    C:Program FilesArduinolibrariesMAX7219LedMatrix-masterLedMatrix.cpp: In member function 'void LedMatrix::scrollTextLeft()':
    C:Program FilesArduinolibrariesMAX7219LedMatrix-masterLedMatrix.cpp:122:18: error: ambiguous overload for 'operator=' (operand types are 'String' and 'int')
    myNextText = NULL;
    C:Program FilesArduinolibrariesMAX7219LedMatrix-masterLedMatrix.cpp:122:18: note: candidates are:
    In file included from C:UsersMichaelAppDataRoamingArduino15packagesesp8266hardwareesp82661.6.4-628-g545ffdecoresesp8266/Arduino.h:209:0,
    from C:UsersMichaelAppDataRoamingArduino15packagesesp8266hardwareesp82661.6.4-628-g545ffdelibrariesSPI/SPI.h:24,
    from C:Program FilesArduinolibrariesMAX7219LedMatrix-masterLedMatrix.cpp:2:
    C:UsersMichaelAppDataRoamingArduino15packagesesp8266hardwareesp82661.6.4-628-g545ffdecoresesp8266/WString.h:85:18: note: String& String::operator=(const String&)
    String & operator =(const String &rhs);
    C:UsersMichaelAppDataRoamingArduino15packagesesp8266hardwareesp82661.6.4-628-g545ffdecoresesp8266/WString.h:86:18: note: String& String::operator=(const char*)
    String & operator =(const char *cstr);
    C:UsersMichaelAppDataRoamingArduino15packagesesp8266hardwareesp82661.6.4-628-g545ffdecoresesp8266/WString.h:87:18: note: String& String::operator=(const __FlashStringHelper*)
    String & operator = (const __FlashStringHelper *str);
    C:UsersMichaelAppDataRoamingArduino15packagesesp8266hardwareesp82661.6.4-628-g545ffdecoresesp8266/WString.h:89:18: note: String& String::operator=(String&&)
    String & operator =(String &&rval);
    C:UsersMichaelAppDataRoamingArduino15packagesesp8266hardwareesp82661.6.4-628-g545ffdecoresesp8266/WString.h:90:18: note: String& String::operator=(StringSumHelper&&)
    String & operator =(StringSumHelper &&rval);
    Error compiling.

    This report would have more information with
    "Show verbose output during compilation"
    enabled in File > Preferences.

    I didn't do the verbose messages – would that help?
    Have you seen these kind of errors before?

  2. Hi Dani, I'm reza.

    Nice work!
    I can compile and upload to my ESP-12 but the Led Matrix doesn't show the word i want (just blinking and turn the leds randomly).
    I use DIN at GPIO13, CS at GPIO12, and CLK at GPIO14.
    Can you fixed the error please?

  3. My 8×8 (4 off) are already joined together as a unit and the letters scroll vertically. Basically I'm asking if I can alter the code to swing the matrix character map through 90 degrees. thanks

  4. Brilliant programming – lots of features. Can even add a wifi access point server alongside to change the scrolling text. Also have rotated the font so that it could be viewed as a vertically scrolling display. One question, I cannot see, software-wise why it should not work for more than 8 modules – though cannot get it to work. I wonder if the power drain is too great. Will try a non-inverting 5V level shifter for my Wemos D1 R2. Thanks again Daniel.

    1. Hi David. That sounds interesting. How did you attach the 8 (and more) modules? All on the same I2C bus or on different pins? I also don’t see a reason why more shouldn’t work, except maybe for the memory. If you have separate instances of the display driver each allocates a part of the memory for buffering before writing to the display. It could be that you use all the available memory…

  5. Thanks for the code! Works great after a couple of tries. For those who tried to use the supplied AnimateText Arduino code and didn’t work, try including the font library that is bundled with it. For some reason it was left out.

    I also couldn’t define CS_PIN 2 to something else. I tried pin 12 (since it’s right next to pins 13 and 14) but didn’t seem to respond so I switched it back. Not sure if anyone has found the solution to this, but not a big deal.

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