Creating Fritzing Parts from Eagle CAD .brd files

Fritzing is a wonderful tool to document your electronic projects, if – and only if – the parts you use are available in the parts library. If you are designing parts yourself you can help the community by creating Fritzing parts for your designs.

When we designed the ThingPulse ePulse board I knew I wanted to have a Fritzing part to document new projects with it. I had already designed parts for Fritzing before, but it was very consuming: you start with a similar component available in Fritzing and then modify it until it looks and behave the way you want it.

But there is an easier way. If you want to create a Fritzing Part for a component you design in Eagle CAD you can use a tool to do most of the conversion for you. It took me hours to compile that tool and work around some issues. The tools was original written by the Fritzing team, then improved by Adafruit. But it just wouldn’t compile on my Mac.

So I fixed some of the issues, simplified the setup and documented everything in the README file of the github repository.

I hope this saves you a lot of time and creates lots of new parts!

Posted by Daniel Eichhorn

Daniel Eichhorn is a software engineer and an enthusiastic maker. He loves working on projects related to the Internet of Things, electronics, and embedded software. He owns two 3D printers: a Creality Ender 3 V2 and an Elegoo Mars 3. In 2018, he co-founded ThingPulse along with Marcel Stör. Together, they develop IoT hardware and distribute it to various locations around the world.

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