ESP8266 Weather Station: World Clock Demo

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Just in time for the beginning of the new year I added a demo for the WeatherStation which displays various world times together with a pretty icon. Just update the WeatherStation library in your Arduino IDE to the latest version or download it manually from here:
Then you can open the demo from File > Examples > ESP8266 Weather Station > WorldClockDemo

The used icons are designed by Adam Whitcroft:

Happy New Year!

Posted by squix78


    • Hi Matt. Yes, you can! I have hooked up three displays once and it works. But – and there is always a but – the performance suffers. You might experience slaggy animations. In that case I would suggest to get rid of the carousel animation and just display static images

  1. Hello Dani,

    did you use three displays with diffrent i2c adresses on 2 gpio pins or did you use 6 pins for own i2c comminication for every single display?


    • The displays that I'm using have the I2C address "hard coded". I guess if you would switch the bridge transistor on the back of the display you could run them from the same two pins. I just ran them of three different I2C bus pairs…

  2. Hi!
    When compile the examples, the compiler stop with this:
    exit status 1
    'drawFrame1' was not declared in this scope
    I am using Arduino version 1.6.7. Any idea?.

    • Hello,
      Arduino 1.6.7 works pretty good, if you place prototypes of your functions in *.ino in front.
      It's the simple solution for error "…was not declared in this scope"
      That's all.

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