Laser Cutted Case for the WeatherStation

@WaldyWiz designed a wonderful case for the ESP8266 WeatherStation which you can lasercut yourself. Thank you for sharing!Got inspired? Order the development kit here:

Posted by Daniel Eichhorn

Daniel Eichhorn is a software engineer and an enthusiastic maker. He loves working on projects related to the Internet of Things, electronics, and embedded software. He owns two 3D printers: a Creality Ender 3 V2 and an Elegoo Mars 3. In 2018, he co-founded ThingPulse along with Marcel Stör. Together, they develop IoT hardware and distribute it to various locations around the world.


  1. Hi Dani,
    If I want to add another I2C sensor, like BMp180, should I connect it on the same bus where the OLED is connected? Any suggestion on how to implement it.

  2. Since metals area unit smart conductors and reflectors of warmth, the intensity of the optical device must be altered, relying upon the character of the metal.

  3. Hi Dani

    Are you not on your blog anymore? It's been 6 weeks since your last post. I was hoping for the weather station if you could give a solution to the Daylight saving time that kicked in 27th of March because since then my weather station shows the time wrong (1 hour earlier then its supposed to be)


    • I'm still around and also plan to pick up writing blog posts. But I'm currently working on a new project and that consumes a lot of my free time… So please stay tuned until I'm really back;-)

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