3D Printed WeatherStation Case

Dennis van Elteren sent me this wonderful WeatherStation case project. If you want to print this yourself you can download the .stl files from here:

Thank you Dennis for sharing!

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  1. Hi Daniel and Taki K

    Nice that my version of the weatherstation is on Daniels blog!

    I built the printed circuit board version of "mike" which I found on Daniels blog! I send the schematic later if Daniel does not beat me to it 😉

  2. Ah found it! I just ordered this PCB design with my Chinese supplier (send the gerberfiles). This is the page:


    And here you can get the files including a schematic from which you can get the wiring. The design is quite advanced but you could just use only 1 OLED display like Daniel sells together with an ESP8266 ESP-01 version. Connect Vcc and gnd, gpio0 to OLED SDA and GPIO2 to SCL of the OLED display. Thats bare minimum.
    Well… you need a button or jumper between GPIO0 and GND so you can set it to boot mode for uploading the sketch

    Or you can build the whole design including an FTDI chip for easy programming! Warning: the parts are very tiny.


    Last but not least, the 3d case I made you can just click together but the bezel I glued to the case using 2component/epoxy glue. The OLED PCB I just glued inside the case using epoxy as well.


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