New Features: Searching the archive

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I’m trying to improve Sometimes changes are rather invisible to the end user. Sometimes new features extend the use of feederator rather dramatically. I enabled such a feature today: searching the archives with full text key words.
To keep your inbox clean Feederator moves items older than 3 days to the archive. Once they are in the archive you can search for them. Make sure that your most significant word comes first, otherwise it might be omitted. The search is not as good yet as Google but it is getting better. Indexed words are part of the title of a post and its categories. In addition the MIME Type of the attachment will also be indexed. Entering “2010 nzb dvdrip” will return with a list of items containing 2010 and dvdrip in the title and having a usenet enclosure.
In the time of this writing there are already more than 20’000 torrent items and more than 15’000 nzb items indexed.

Other new features:

  • Social bookmarking items: share items that you like with your friends in Twitter, Facebook and others
  • Drag And Drop: by dragging an item with the dotted handle to a feed label on the left you can copy that item to a new feed. This also works with search results: you can search for movies and once you found one that you like you can drag it to the feed that your downloader has subscribed to


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