#ESP8266: Open-Source Designer Advice wanted for the weather station!

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So, all the major technical challenges have been resolved. But now the fine tuning begins. Anyone with a graphical eye in the audience to give advice? How to arrange the different elements most efficiently so that it is pleasant to eye and brain and uses the space most efficiently? Please step forward… Your “playground” is 128×64 pixels, 1-bit depth… All results will be open sourced…

Here is the (sample) data that can be displayed.

Updated every 10 minutes (the forecast.io has limited free quota):

  • CURRENT_ICON=clear-day
  • ICON_TODAY=rain
  • SUMMARY_TODAY=Light rain starting in the afternoon.
  • SUMMARY_TODAY=Light rain in the morning and afternoon.

Updated every minute:

  • YEAR=2015
  • MONTH=06
  • DAY=11
  • HOUR=13
  • MINUTE=43
  • SECOND=53
  • SUNSET=21:17
  • SUNRISE=05:33
  • MOONPHASE_DESCRIPTION=waning crescent
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