WeatherStation Kit

The WeatherStation Kit is all you need to get started with this cool little project. With this basic kit you can easily continue to even more exciting IoT setups.
The kit contains the following items:
  • The NodeMCU V1.0: ESP8266 based System-On-A-Chip, programmable in Lua or C/C++
  • SSD1306 OLED display. Communication interface: I2C, 128×64 monochromatic pixels
  • USB Cable: connect the NodeMCU to your PC or Mac
  • 40x 10cm female-female jumper wires: connect the OLED display with the NodeMCU
You can order the kit in the shop:




The WeatherStation Kit with NodeMCU V1.0 (ESP8266), OLED display 128×64 pixels, jumper wires and USB cable


The OLED Display showing current weather information
3D printed case. Not contained in the WeatherStation Kit