ESP8266 WeatherStation Kit finally in US Amazon Store

Weather Station Kit on Amazon store More than two months ago I started the process to have my ESP8266 WeatherStation listed on Amazon. The big online platform offers a service called Fulfilled by Amazon or short FBA which allows you to send your items directly to their warehouse. Your product will then be shipped to your buyers with the usual speed and quality as if it was a product sold [...]

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ESP8266 Weather Station Color code published

ESP8266 Weather Station Color
If you don't mind code which is a little bit rough around the edges you can start experimenting with the code for the color weather station. I just published it on Github. [...]

Font Creator Now Creates Adafruit GFX Fonts

As first task for the upcoming Weather Station Color project I wanted to adapt my online font generator. Easily creating fonts in various sizes will make work on the Weather [...]

ESP8266 WeatherStation Color

Static Mockup for ESP8266 WeatherStation Color
Yesterday I started playing around with a TFT color display connected to the ESP8266. First I adapted example code to download BMP files to the flash memory, and boy, this [...]

ESP8266 based Plane Spotter now for Arduino IDE

#ESP8266 Plane Spotter
I received a few complaints that users couldn't get the Platformio IDE running since the security software detected it as malicious software. So I added the code also to the [...]

ESP8266 Weather Station: Getting Started Guide available for Kindle

This Guide is also available as eBook on Amazon
Once in a while I like to try out new ways to reach the audience. I'm happy to present the ESP8266 Weather Station: Getting Started Guide is now available for Kindle. If you [...]

ESP8266 Weather Station on the “Big Screen”

0.96" based on SSD1306 and 1.3" based on SH1106 running the Plane Spotter
The 0.96" OLED displays I usually use for the WeatherStation are gorgeous but they could be bigger, right? Recently a bigger version of the SSD1306 based display became [...]

ESP8266 Peripherals: 5$ RCW-0001 Ultrasonic Range Sensor

There are many applications for distance measuring: in robotic as a cheap way to sense the environment and detect obstacles, in IoT applications to measure fill levels of [...]

Kids Watch Review

The Kids GPS Watch
Usually you read about electronic components and how to use them on this blog. Often they are related to Internet-Of-Things (IoT). This post on the other hand is about an end [...]

ESP8266: Turn a $9 Body Scale into a Smart Scale – Part 1

Splash Screen of the SmartScale
In this project I will show you how you can build yourself a fancy Withings-like body scale. I divided the article into two parts: Part 1 describes the hardware hack and Part [...]

ESP8266 based Plane Spotter – How To

#ESP8266 Plane Spotter
When I sit at my living room table I can see wonderful big airplanes in the final approach to Zurich (ZRH) airport or ascending to a far destination: Airbus A380 or Boeing [...]